We are Edu and Yas. We have been living in Bali for the last years. Besides admiring the beauty of this island, its marvellous culture and establish a deep relationship with Balinese, we have witnessed many of the problems that concern the “Island of the Gods”.

As foreigners living in Bali, we have asked ourselves: “Are we part of the problem or part of the solution?” We want to collaborate to improve the living conditions in Bali and we have decided to do it in form of a documentary.

Why a documentary?

We often meet tourists that see Bali as an idyllic paradise; a holiday stage where there are no problems. On the contrary, there are many issues in Bali (ecological, economical, social…). Many tourists with social consciousness that visit don’t know of these troubles or how to channel their will to help.

Tourism is the great driving force of the Balinese economy. We believe that if a small part of the people who visit Bali do it in a social and ecologically way, a great change can be achieved in the island.